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All of our vending equipment will be maintained in peak operating condition at all times. To achieve this we strict preventive maintenance program. Each machine is inspected, adjusted, and key parts are replaced in a regular scheduled basis.

The average time our vending machines remain in service is three to five years. However, many factors can alter this time frame, such as technological improvements or higher than normal usage. Double R Vending policy is to exchange and upgrade machines in high volume locations more frequently than normal.

The coffee machine holds 52 ​different combinations.

Coffee selection includes

100% Colombian




Cafe Late

Cafe Mocha

French Vanilla 

Hot Chocolate

Hazelnut Mocha

​and much more 

Ice Cream Machines

Coffee Selections

American Coffee

Espresso Coffee


Hot Chocolate

French Vanilla




And much more

​Additional Machine Information

Vending Machines in Miami

Standard dimension for vending machines height 72 inches width 36 depth 32.

A sandwich machine offers large salads, entrees and even meal combos along with a large variety of different items such like fruits, sandwiches, yogurts, sweets and much more.

Has nine floors containing five compartments on each floor every selection can have a unique price.

It contains a standard capacity of 135 items and a maximum of 225 item.

Machine specifications height 72 inches, depth 30.75 inches and a width of 38.13 inches.

It includes a two way rotation.