Andy capp hot fries
Baked cheetos crunchy hot
Baked cheddar & sour crm
Baked lays regular  0.875oz
Baked nacho doritos 0.75oz
Bugles original
Bugles sweet & salty caramel
Burger king french toast
Burger king ktchp & fries
Burger king ktchp & fries 1oz
Burger king onion rings
Butter popcorn lss 1oz

Soda Products

Double R Vending offers Healthy Snacks and Beverages.

  • Snacks no more than 35% of calories from fat.
  • Snacks no more than 10% of saturated fat.
  • Snacks no more than 35% of added sugar per weight. You divide total grams with grams of sugar.
  • Beverages non-carbonated, non-Caffeinated.
  • Beverages containing 40-80 calories only.
  • Beverages 0% fat, 0% protein, 100% natural juices.

Sandwich Machine Products

Snack Products

Healthy Products

Coffee Products

Powerade Grape  12 oz

Powerade Fruit punch 12 oz

Powerade Mountain Blast 12 oz

Gatorade Orange 12 oz

Dasani 16 oz

Aquafina 16.9 oz

V-8 Fusion 100% 12 oz

Florida Nat 100% Orange Juice​

Welch 100% Apple Juice 12 oz

Pop Tarts Chocolate

Quaker Granola Bar 25% Less Sugar

Quaker Granola Bar 90 Calorie

Dorito baked
Doritos cool ranch reduced fat
Fritos variety pk ss chips 50ct
Funyuns onion hot 1.25oz
Garlic bread ruffles ridged potato chips
Bear claw danish
Big texas cinm roll
Doublemint gum6sticks .9oz
Foxes breat.Mints peppermint spearmint 6 stick 60ct
​Wrigles juicy fruit

A&w cream soda 20oz
A&w rootbeer 20oz
Coke zero can 12oz
Crush orange 20oz
Diet coke
Diet coke caffeine free cans 12oz
Diet dr. Pepper
Diet green tea peach 20oz
Fuze blast rasberry(blue) 12oz
Fuze peach mango 12oz

Gatorade lemon lime 20oz
Gatorade melon 20oz
Glaceau water vitamin 12oz
Green tea peach 20oz
Guava 20oz
Haw punch berry 20oz
Snaple fruit punch 16oz
Snaple kiwi strawberry 16oz
Rasberry tea 20oz
Red bull singles 8.3oz
Ruby rd grapesnaple apple 16oz

Cafe decaffeinated Cafe pilon 4/1 packet
Coffee mate cream
Coffee service fam. Size
Colombian blend wh bean coffee
Domino sugar 10lb
Dunkindonuts coffee
Foam cups 8oz
French vanilla cappuccino/6/2lb
Gabriela cappuccino topping
Hazelnut cappuccino/6/2lbs
Instant tea superior 12/8oz

For more product information/ Nutritional information Please click on the link provided. 

​For additional information on products/ nutritional information please contact us. Thanks​

Ham and cheese sandwich
Honey mustard chicken
Hot packet chicken melt 4oz
Hot packet ham & cheese 4oz
Instant lunch beef
Instant lunch chicken
Instant lunch creamy chicken
Pizza parlor chicken italiano
Pierre chicken cordon blue
Meatball sandwich
Mini sandwiches sandwich
Tuna sandwiches

Latte 6/2 lbs
Latte cappucino 6/2lbs
Maxwell Arabica coffee
Maxwell house coffee
Maxwellhouse coffee
Pilon 4 in 1 packet
Pilon coffee
Pilon coffee/4 packs
Royal empire premium whl bean
Splenda 700 ct
Splenda 700ct
Starbuck 4 oz

Bacon Cheese burger

BBQ Beef

BBQ chicken wings

Breaded Chicken

Cesar Chicken breast


Cherry Flavor yogurt 

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Salad

Chocolate Milk

Double Charbroil Cheeseburger