We Work With ALL Brands

FREE​ sodas for special event your company may have

We Work With Schools Nutritional Guidelines

Free ​Microwave for large companies

Your company may qualify for several FREE ​services

What makes us unique:

  1. The latest vending machines in the market. Large machines with huge varieties of products with several different size packaging in one machine.
  2. The latest equipment along with technological advances to reduce product lost/ money loss.
  3. Constant product rotation, placing the newest products on the market inside the vending machines. Our clients can request along as well as make a list of the desired products they wish to have in their vending machines.
  4. Affordable prices and a wide range of products for all vending machines.
  5. We offer a variety of healthy products from drinks, snacks, and foods all approved by Miami Dade County Public Schools Nutritional Department guidelines.
  6. A true 24/7 vending service for any type of issues or requests our clients may have.
  7. We help with special events the company may host by providing free coolers, ice and sodas.
  8. We provide Bill changers just in case the machines are not accepting dollar bills. The Bill changers accepts $1, $5, $10, $20 dollar bills in return it will give the client quarters.
  9. All of our vending machines have the options of accepting quarters and bills, $1, $5, $10, $20 and also credit cards.
  10. Any money lost in any of our machines will be refunded 100%.
  11. All machines will be serviced as often as necessary depending on the usage, to make sure no machine goes empty or any product runs out.
  12. All machines will be kept clean to provide a safe eating environment for the client.
  13. Products will be constantly checked for expiration dates which are very important for food safety.

Vending Services

  • We service, repair, install and sell vending machines.
  • Soda Machines, Snack Machines, Sandwich Machines, Coffee Machines and Ice Cream Machines.
  • We work with USDA nutritional guidelines to service schools with healthy snacks and beverages.  
  • ​We sell Kosher products as well.
  • We offer office coffee services and equipment.
  • We offer and install Bill changers.
  • We deliver products directly to your company sodas, coffee and snacks in large quantities.
  • Other special services may include free Microwave, free golf carts, free lending  of installation truck, free coolers and sodas for special events the company may be holding. 

We Sell USDA Approved Products

Free ​lending of coolers for special events

We deliver to you

FREE lending of truck 

We Sell Kosher Products